How Exercise can help you

How can exercise help if you need surgery?

Regular exercise has many physical and psychological benefits. These include reducing the risk of heart disease and other medical conditions, maximizing your lung function, boosting your immune system, lowering your weight and improving your mood. For these reasons, exercise is important to help ensure you are prepared for the operation and to help your recovery afterwards.

"Exercise is important to help ensure you are prepared for the operation and to help your recovery afterwards”

The condition or problem that you need surgery for, may make it difficult for you to exercise. If this is the case, you should ask your GP or surgeon for their advice as to what exercise is possible.

Research shows that regular exercise is better started in the months before, rather than the days before, surgery.

After the operation, you are likely to feel tired to start with. Rest and regular exercise, such as short walks, will help you get back to normal activities sooner. It will also prevent stiffness and enable you to regain full movement. Your surgeon or GP will be able to give you more advice as to how quickly you can return to normal activities and more strenuous exercise.

Regular exercise both before and after your operation will aid your recovery and help to ensure you are able to resume normal activities as soon as possible. There is also evidence to suggest that strenuous exercise gives the best results. However, you should always consult your GP or surgeon for their advice.

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